Workplace Financial Wellness

Millennial employees want financial wellness at work and more than 40% of employers are now offering a workplace financial wellness program to their employees.

Join the Ranks of Companies Offering Financial Wellness to their Employees

Holly leads financial wellness programs at startups, creative, tech, trades, oil and gas, financial, and healthcare companies, as well as public service organizations and hospitals.

Her program delivers effective and transformational financial wellness to employees via on-site and remote workshops.

Financial Impact’s Financial Wellness program is:

  • Simple to implement
  • Tailored to your employees' needs and interests
  • Cost effective

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Take a look at how we scored on our Financial Wellness Program Survey taken by real people who've participated in the program!

Holly and Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook, Zuckerberg Media) talk about the benefits of workplace financial wellness programs in South Africa at the Tycoons of Wealth conference.

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