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End the shame cycle of money, build personal wealth, and create financial independence.

What people are saying
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“Holly combines her personal stories with practical advice for achieving financial independence. She puts these ideas on a shelf anyone can reach and guides you along the way.”

– Ericka Young
author of Naked and Unashamed, 10 Money Questions Every Couple Must Have

“I realized through your book that I don’t have a super healthy relationship with money but you give me hope and a clear path to start taking steps to change that!”

– Sarah J.

Simple Wealth helps you easily identify your values and goals, gives you all the tools you need to build your own financial independence so that you can build the exact purposeful and mindful life you’ve been looking for.”

– Jessica, Boulder, CO

“An abundance mindset starts with one’s perception of money, which is typically instilled in us at an early age. In this book, Holly will help you redefine your relationship with money so that you can live an abundant life.”
– Jay Helms
“What a refreshing approach to money and mindfulness. This book uncovers the concepts you need to know to build wealth and live life on your terms, while also making a great impact in the world.”
– Melanie Lockert
author of Dear Debt and host of The Mental Health and Wealth Show

“After reading this book I see the connection between personal wealth and living abundantly. It is now clear to me that I have control as I go about in my daily life, and a feeling of purpose is bubbling up in me. I find it easier to stay on the path of saving.”

– R. Hampden

“Your book gives me hope.”

– Raina, Erie, CO

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What people are saying
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