These resources have been curated to help you manage your money, streamline spending, build wealth, eliminate debt, expand your money mindset, create additional income, and reach financial independence.
These are tools to streamline your personal finances, protect your money, and start or grow a business. I have personally vetted each resource and am thrilled to share them with you. I have affiliate relationships with some. This does not increase pricing. The list of resources is constantly being updated. I hope you find them as useful as I do.

The Financial Impact System

The Financial Impact Wealth Strategy template.

personal finance

Moneychimp is a great place to start learning the basics of investing, stocks, index funds, the economy, and new tax rules and information. They also have tons of great calculators such as their Inflation Calculator, Savings Calculator, and Compound Interest Calculator!

Aspiration is 100% committed to Clean Money. Individual action causes a ripple effect. Join thousands of Aspiration members creating worldwide impact. 

With Chime, make the switch to the bank account that pays you up to two days early and you’ll get $75 when you set up payroll direct deposit!

With Stash, you can create an investing portfolio that reflects things that you believe in, with as little as $5 to start! By allowing you to buy fractional shares, you can still invest with a smaller budget!

Becoming Minimalist’s main message is to inspire others to pursue their passions by owning fewer possessions. They have great blogs and books that can help anyone simplify their lives. Declutter Life – Simplify

Rakuten is a fantastic program that gives you cash back for shopping! They have lots of stores to choose from and regular double rewards! Sign up today and get and earn $10!

Manage your budget, view your actual spending in customizable categories, and track and pay bills effortlessly with Mint! This app makes staying on top of your personal finances a breeze!

24/7 identity protection. Identity protection to monitor, alert, control, and recover your identity with IdentityForce.

Acorns works by connecting a card that you use for every day purchases, and the app will round you up to the next dollar. Then Acrons will start micro investing your spare change to find you a return at a very low risk!

Get your free credit report at and ensure your information is correct! Even minor mistakes on your report can cause a drop in score.

Bankrate helps find and compare rates on everything from Mortgage and Car Loans to Savings / Checking and CD rates. They also great calculators! is a great resource for your credit score. It also has credit management tools as well as guidance from experts!

The Motley Fool has tons of podcasts, books, and blogs on investment, retirement, and personal finance. They are a great tool for those looking to manage their personal finances.

Nerd Wallet compares the best credit cards and delivers that information right to you. Tailor your cards to match your interests.

Practical Money Skills strives to provide financial literacy for everyone. They have great financial calculators.

Tiller let’s you know exactly where your money goes, and plan for the future. No more guessing, tedious data entry, or logging into multiple accounts.

Transunion not only has a free identity protection program, but they also have a credit monitoring service for a great price. Take some time and check out their credit eduction.

With fixed rates starting at 3.350% and variable rates as low as 2.815% APR, SoFi s a must to check out when shopping for a student loan. Sign up through my referral link and get $100 cash once you become a member.

Stockpile lets you start investing with just $5. With a free sign up, 99¢ per trade, and no monthly fees or minimums, this company makes buying fractional shares very attractive. Get your free $5 of stock today!

Gen X and Gen Y work with a Certified Financial Planner at XYPN who is a fiduciary on a fee-only basis, no commission. They’ll help you invest into certain assets when it’s in your best interest, because there are no hidden fees, commissions, or costs.

Based on your income and spending, Digit calculates the perfect amount to save on the side. Get 1% annual cash back on your Digit savings, that paid every 3 months!

CNote allows you to earn 2.5% while 100% of your dollars are invested in underserved communities and local economic development that drive impact.

Trim is a great way to automate your savings! This great program finds cash-back deals and cancels subscriptions, and it will also negotiate your cable bill.

Clarity Money makes it easy to take care of your finances. Cancel wasteful accounts, lower your bills, create a savings account, and track your spending!

business resources

inDinero is accounting software and tax services for small business and entrepreneurs. Use their comprehensive insights to watch your margins and take your business to the next level!

Entrepreneurs on Fire puts out informative, inspiring, and relatable weekly podcasts. I especially love the interviews they did with Kary Oberbrunner. Also check out their FREE podcast course.

Auphonic is a great tool for achieving professional quality for your audio for podcasts, movies, and more! Their audio restoration and loudness normalization settings can turn even the roughest audio into clear beautiful sound.

Financial Impact loves the resources CPA on Fire provides to entrepreneurs and business owners! Their tax prep services are definitely worth checking out! has the forms and contracts for your personal & business life handled! I really love their Do-It-Yourself Business Plan!

Mile IQ is a great tool for any contractor, employee, or business owner who needs to keep track of their driving! This app automatically tracks your milage and you can easily add in extra expenses such as tolls and paid parking.

Forbes Business is a great resource for any entrepreneur or business owner. Their articles and interviews can bring inspiration and knowledge!

Zoom is one of the top video conferencing and web conferencing services out there, and they have a fantastic free subscription. Great tool for any business owner or entrepreneur.

Score is the largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, and provides millions of entrepreneurs help through mentoring and workshops.

Bluehost is a leading web solutions services provider that powers over 2 million websites. Their web hosting service is highly rated in performance, and they come with a money back guarantee.

personal development

Hay House is a online community for those interested in personal growth and self-help. They’ve also helped authors in this field publish their own work.

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