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Money Masterminds call on the power of group learning and the principles of manifestation, all in one program.

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Each week, in an intimate small-group setting of 4-5 people, we will create a safe space to learn the pillars of financial independence and call in what you want in your finances, career, and life.

You may want to grow your business, get a raise or promotion, change careers, buy a home, start investing, or create a new stream of income. There are no limits in the money mastermind!

Your job is simply to ask for what you want. The magic of the mastermind process will get to work behind the scenes every week, as your desires are affirmed by the group and mastermind process.

Masterminds meet weekly for three months. All sessions are recorded for later viewing.

Topics covered

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What clients are saying…

“Everyone deserves to have a plan of action and Holly does a fantastic job of listening to your concerns and developing a plan tailored to your needs and situation. I don’t feel like I am deprived or unable to do fun things with my money, but I am also making great strides in getting financially free! Work with Holly- it’s totally worth it!”


Katie C.

“I can’t say ENOUGH about working with Holly Morphew! In just two short months, I’ve seen a significant increase in my personal income. I began contributing to a 401K for the first time in my life and now I am tracking my spending in a way that aligns with my goals. Thank you Holly!” 

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“Joining the Money Mastermind group helped me so much. It was a safe space where I could share my situation with others going thru the same thing. I learned how concepts I wasn’t previously aware of, like value-based spending. As a result, I have decreased my financial stress and I have a better sense for how to prepare for my future.” 

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“Because of working with Holly, I am actually going to be able to CRUSH my debt this year – and I got a credit card with the lowest APR ever! Holly, you rock!” 

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My name is Anna Cley. I am an opera singer and a life coach. Money has never been a priority for me until recently: growth, freedom, and contribution were. Within the past year, I started to reevaluate my priorities and I realized I could never contribute, create and travel the way I want without financial freedom. I realized that true freedom comes from financial freedom.

I met Holly at a seminar. She is a very pleasant presence to be around: open-hearted, highly driven, and genuinely interested in people. I told her about my new priority. She said finances was what she does and that she wanted to help me. How was that for a coincidence!

I learned a lot during the program about how money can be used and invested to build financial security. I am very happy to have this new knowledge  so that I can take the next steps whenever I am ready for it.

The mastermind gave me a strong support  in my new endeavours. It was a weekly meeting to look forward to. The check-ins and goal settings in a safe place with like-minded people created a very positive traction. I also feel that the connections initiated during this program are special and might keep growing on the long-term.

Being a performing artist, and an entrepreneur is an exciting venture, but also a lonely path. It felt good to exchange and clearly state where I am and where I want to go. The traction created during this process I feel took me to another level in my life.

Holly is very benevolent and knowledgeable, and it is both a real pleasure and a unique opportunity to work with her. If you are reading this testimonial, there is probably a very good reason: take your chance to work with this beautiful being and to accelerate your growth through the mastermind process!

Money Mastermind


“At the onset of the mastermind adventure, I had a wide range of personal and professional shifts that could have consumed me and left me drowning in problems. What I found was an outstanding group of people who were all in the first phase of the hero’s journey, in some ways we were departing from one place and time in our life and arriving in another only this time we had a conscious group of humans who had struggles that lead to life-changing events and we were all ready to be radically open, honest, and present for this new found tribe. We could all relate to the challenges and tenacious spirit. We aspired to make deep and meaningful changes that would not have happened unless fueled by this incredible group. We kept each other accountable and lifted each other up when we needed it most. The experience was profound and forever changed the course of my life in all aspects.

Holly is a gem, she is full of wisdom and an incredible guide on this journey to financial, professional, and personal wellness. She kept us focused and provided frameworks to allow for progress on our goals, while learning invaluable lessons on financial topics, provided insightful resources, and affirmations to open the channels of abundance. Now that we have only 3 masterminds left I’ve reflected on the experience and how much I’ve discovered about myself, the progress I’ve made in all areas of my life, and how pivotal the group has been in my life. It’s given me the strength, confidence, clarity, and fortitude for building a meaningful and financially secure life.

If you’re looking for a way to accomplish your goals, make progress in your personal and professional pursuits then I would highly recommend working with Holly and joining her mastermind. She pulled me through some major setbacks and I couldn’t imagine having the results I have without her and the groups unwavering support, energy, and acumen.
Money Mastermind


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