Money Mastermind

Money Masterminds call on the power of group learning and the principles of manifestation, all in one program.

Each week, in an intimate small-group setting of 4-5 people, we will create a safe space to learn the pillars of financial independence and call in exactly what you want in your finances, career, and life.

You may want to grow your business, get a raise or promotion, change careers, buy a home, start investing, or create a new stream of income. There are no limits in the money mastermind! Your job is simply to ask for what you want. The magic of the mastermind process will get to work behind the scenes every week, as your desires are affirmed by the group and mastermind process.

Each mastermind is 12 weeks, and only requires 90 minutes of your time, once per week.

The topics we will cover are

  • The Pillars of Financial Independence
  • Identify Your Impact Factor ™
  • Values-based spending and personal power
  • Crush your debt
  • Routines and habits that build wealth
  • Savvy saving
  • Tax deferred and tax sheltered savings (retirement)
  • Polish your credit
  • Invest like a boss, even if it's your first time
  • Increase cash flow