Impact Session

Impact is a three-hour, private, totally customized session with a follow up after two weeks. At the end of your session you will have a report clearly outlining your next steps to eliminate debt, build savings, and reach financial independence.

When you sign up, you'll provide documents which allow me to get started working on your report, or Wealth Strategy. I will have this ready for you the day we meet. Your Wealth Strategy shows you where you are right now financially, and how to take your personal finances to the next level.

During your session, we will cover all your financial questions, so make a list and be ready to discuss!

Your Wealth Strategy report contains a budget, your Impact Factorâ„¢, your Debt Crush, savings, and all your assets including any gaps such as retirement and investment accounts.

I will make recommendations based on your personal financial situation right now to eliminate debt fast, build savings, contribute to retirement, and invest. In addition, if there are accounts you need to set up I will help you choose the right product and company for you.

Impact is designed to be a road map to wealth from where you are right now. We will identify the dollars you have today to put to their highest and best use.

  • Streamline spending
  • Begin using a financial wellness tool or spend tracker
  • Order your debts
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Set up your assets
  • Save for retirement
  • Get started investing
  • Automate

At the conclusion of Impact, you will know to the day when you will be debt free, when your Lighthouse Fund will be totally funded, and what steps to take to create wealth, based on your current situation.