1:1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching is Financial Impact's premier program, designed to create a more dynamic and fulfilling future for you, your relationships, your career, and various other domains of your personal and professional life where your finances play a role. 

The first thing we'll do is identify your Impact Factor, which the money you have left over after you pay your bills. This is the money you are going to put to its highest and best use.

Then, over the course of your program, build the pillars of financial independence starting with where you are now financially. There's no financial problem that can't be solved! Bring your questions and let's get your money flowing in the right direction. Choose from a three month or six month program.

  • Stop the paycheck to paycheck cycle
  • Eliminate debt
  • Streamline spending
  • Put your dollars to their highest and best use each month
  • Review and polish your credit
  • Automate
  • Save
  • Maximize retirement accounts

The six month program gives you three more months of support as you implement your new plan, and builds on the pillars you've established to create wealth. You will learn how to:

  • Increase your Impact Factor
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Create additional income stream(s)
  • Invest


Not sure which program is right for you? Have questions? No worries! Schedule a free enrollment conversation and let's chat!