Holly Novak of Fundamental Finance Academy to Speak at Boulder Business and Professional Women's February Event

Join Holly Novak and Fundamental Finance Academy on February 19, 2015, for the next Boulder Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) event on ‘Financial Empowerment and Personal Security.’

“The objective of the panel discussion is to empower women in obtaining financial security in their business and personal lives. You are never too young to take ownership of your financial and personal security to prepare for the future. We will be inviting experts in the fields of: Sustainable Investing, Accounting, Estate Planning, Life/LTC Insurance, and others. Each panelist will have up to 10 minutes to give an overview of their expertise and recommendations. Following this, the facilitator will have questions for each of the panelists and then will open the floor for questions from the audience.”

Click here for the BPW Event Flyer and register at the BPW website here.


Hi! I’m Holly, the founder of Financial Impact and an award-winning financial coach. I help career-driven leaders and entrepreneurs create wealth, take the stress out of managing money, and feel confident and powerful when it comes to their finances.

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