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Meet Holly

Hello, Friend!

I’m Holly Morphew, life enthusiast, wealth-builder, and financial coach.
I started my financial journey with $67k in credit card debt living paycheck to paycheck. 
While I was a high-earner, I felt like I had nothing to show for all the hours– and years — I had put in at my job, and the things I had accumulated that I thought made me successful. The house, car, lifestyle, job, …and all the bills that came with it. I realized that if I kept doing what I was doing.. I’d still be in the same place in five years. 
I wanted more freedom and choices in life. I wanted to make work a choice one day. And more than anything else, I wanted to enjoy the journey to financial independence.
So I called my financial advisor. When he asked me how much more money I wanted to invest, my jaw dropped to the floor. I didn’t have any money to invest! I realized that even my financial advisor couldn’t help me with the situation I was in. You see, a financial advisor helps you invest money you already have. A financial coach, like what I do today, helps you create more money to invest. 
At the time, there was no such thing as a financial coach. There wasn’t anyone who could help me crush my debt, save more money, and create more income. I literally pioneered the field of financial coaching, along with a couple others, and today the industry is thriving. I’ve been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, FemFounder, and more for my simple systems that get results. I been on Yahoo Finance, Canvas Rebel, and dozens of podcasts sharing that wealth is for everyone, including YOU.
You see, personal finance is not taught in school. Nor is a course on “how to build wealth with your paycheck.” I don’t know about you, but I think this is REALLY, really important. Life is for living! YOUR definition of success is what matters most, and is where wealth-building begins.
From that moment on, for the next year, I devoted my life to learning everything I could about money, debt-elimination, investing, wealth management, personal finance, and passive income. I created a system, now known as the Financial Impact System, and applied it to my personal finances.
Three years later I was completely debt free. Shortly after that, I had money in the bank. I didn’t stop there and became financially independent in my thirties and a self-made millionaire one year later. 
Today I am an Accredited Financial Counselor®, devoted to helping others live their best life by creating personal wealth on their way to financial independence. It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about what you do with the money you make. 
I teach others how to identify their Impact Number and put it to its highest and best use to build their pillars of wealth. The system is simple, and that’s why I named my best selling book Simple Wealth. It’s in Bankrate’s top ten personal finance books of 2022 and a best seller on Amazon in the categories of personal finance, wealth management, personal transformation, credit repair, women & business, and real estate. 
I love talking about money, abundance, and transformation and helping others live their best life. I am beyond excited to spend five days with you teaching the exact system that has helped me and thousands of others create a life of design and realize financial freedom. 
Together in abundance,

financial independence success stories

Meet Ashley D.

“Working with Holly has been a game changer because I came into the program with her knowing that I needed to understand numbers better because numbers are not my thing. At all. I really wanted to find a way to not only understand my situation, but have a plan and strategy on how to move forward.”

Meet John S.

“The way I feel about my finances now compared to before I started the program is a world of difference. I wasn’t in bad shape before, but needed to make some improvements, and now that I’m working with Holly, I feel fantastic. I have so much more confidence in the decision I’ve made.”

Meet Leeza C.

“A lot has changed since working with Holly, in terms of my finances. I definitely have a better grasp of my spending and where my money is going, and understanding how much of my money should go to various aspects of my life.”

Meet ashley

“I came into the program with Holly knowing that I needed to understand numbers better because numbers are not my thing. At all. I really wanted to find a way to not only understand my situation, but have a plan and strategy to move forward.

Meet mark

“I remember thinking to myself – if I take this leap, and I come out of it in a similar fashion to other avenue, like books I’ve read or watching financial seminars, would it be a waste of money? And now I can unequivocally that it was the best money investment I ever spent for my financial future.”

Meet Jennifer

“I think it’s important for anybody that wants to join this program to understand that it’s not going to be extremely time consuming. It’s not going to require an intense amount of study. It’s really just paying attention, focusing when you’re talking to Holly, and then it all starts to make sense really quickly.”

Meet holly

“Holly really trained us to have a relationship with our money, and more than a transactional one. And once we were interested in having a relationship with money, it felt better.”

Meet Kerry

“I’m not overwhelmed anymore. I know the roadmap of where I want to go and what I need to do… I now know exactly what I need to do, and I already see results.”

Meet Lexi

“I’m financially independent. I have assets that I can leverage, and I have passive income coming in. I have control over my housing situation. I’m no longer renting. I own. And I absolutely love it.”

Meet Jason

“I was never a good saver, spender, or money manager. I grew up with a limitation in my understanding of money… But now, I know where each dollar is going, and I have a date set where I look at my money every week, and that prevents us from running away scared.”

The breakdown

Here's what we're going to be doing each day!

Day 1

Money Date Guide

Learn how to spend time with your money and what to tell it to do to build wealth.

Day 2

Discover your Impact Number

This is the most important number in your personal finances, and where all wealth building begins.

Day 3

Create Your Wealth Strategy

All your personal financial numbers in one place, your roadmap to wealth, starting with where you are financially right now.

Day 4

Crush Your Debt

Identify your debt-free date and pay off your debt as fast as possible, while paying the least amount of interest.

Day 5

My favorite personal finance tools

PLUS Automation for managing your personal finances and systemic growth of your money.

Financial Independence for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

A Five Day Free Series with Holly Morphew, AFC®


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