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Are You Living Your Dream?

By Holly | August 8, 2013

Here I am signing the wall at Qittle’s studio in Greeley, CO just before we went live to film “Share your Story.” See the video here! We talked about student loans, sources for money education, and why I am passionate about teaching personal finance. Most importantly though, we got down to the real purpose Fundamental…

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How to Increase Your Credit Score in 30 Days or Less

By Holly | August 6, 2013

When it comes to credit scores, I have found more often than not that it’s not until one is ready to make a big purchase, such as a home or a car, that they learn about credit. By then it’s too late if their score is too low to qualify for the loan or too…

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What's the Difference Between Deferment and Forbearance and Which One Should I Choose?

By Holly | July 29, 2013

In 2011, our nation’s outstanding student loan debt reached one trillion dollars. And today, many are finding it difficult to make their minimum payment due to job loss, health issues, unemployment, or because they are not making enough money to cover their bills. As a result, many are exploring options to skip their student loan…

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What Should I Invest In?

By Holly | November 21, 2012

Guest Writer: Joe Bennell A few weeks ago I was in Chicago O’hare, and I saw the iconic football coach Mike Ditka of the Chicago Bears.   He was sitting with his head down, playing with his phone, perhaps trying not to be noticed as he was on his way to work at ESPN that weekend.  I…

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If You Must Get a Loan Remember Shorter Term = Less Interest

By Holly | October 25, 2012

FFA’s philosophy is to save for emergencies and unexpected expenses. We even recommend paying cash for large ticket items such as appliances, TV’s, home improvement projects, furniture, and cars. However, if you ever have to get a loan, remember this: shorter term = less interest. What does this mean? Let’s use a car purchase example.…

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Shopaholic? 3 Ways to Curb Your Spending

By Holly | October 11, 2012

Like many women, I love to be unique. One of the ways I do this is with what I wear, how I decorate my house, and gifts I give. The upside is I am expressing myself. The downside is these things can cost a lot of money. I’m not a bonafide shopaholic, but I love…

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What is the Grace Period on a Mortgage?

By Holly | October 10, 2012

A lot of my clients have asked me what the grace period is on their mortgage. The answer is it depends on your loan agreement. Typically, a borrower has until between the 10-15th of the month to make his mortgage payment without it being considered late. If payment is received after that, it is late…

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Campaign Season – Inspire Me and You Might Get My Vote

By Holly | October 9, 2012

At this time every four years I go on a “news fast” taking a break from listening to the radio.  It calms me in what feels like a storm of endless political banter.  That being said, I think it’s important to fully understand 1) what’s going on within our government and 2) who is running…

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Welcome to Fundamental Finance Academy

By Holly | October 4, 2012

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN? At the Fundamental Finance Academy, we’ll give you a simple plan to help you understand and manage your personal finances — within the limits of your monthly income and your current financial situation!

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