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6 Ways to Save Money After Graduation When You Don’t Yet Have a Job

By Holly | July 19, 2019

After graduation, there are a series of emotions you may have: The first is one of exhilaration — you don’t have to go back to school! Yay! Then a feeling of confusion sets in while you adjust to living without academic responsibilities for a long time. Following that, concern generally sets in when you realize…

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The Best Personal Finance Tools to Create, Grow, and Keep More Money

By Holly | July 10, 2019

The best personal finance tools are those that make it easy to bank, save, get cash back, track spending, and manage your money. When it comes to your money there are many things to think about. So many in fact, that most people don’t think about it, ever. More importantly, in a recent study presented…

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How to Budget In The Real World

By Holly | July 9, 2019

If you are struggling with money, the best place to start is with a budget. For many, the word “budget” sounds restrictive, but I’m here to tell you there is freedom in a budget! When you know how much you can spend on food, entertainment, and personal items each month, you will have peace of…

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How to Have Fun (Not) Traveling this Summer

By Holly | June 26, 2019

This article was originally published at and was written by Jackie Lam. Confession: Traveling during the busy summer season just isn’t for me. In our modern age filled with digital nomads and travel hacking devotees, it’s almost a sin not to be daydreaming about the next summer vacay. But in my humble opinion, summer travel…

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How I Reached Financial Independence and You Can Too

By Holly | June 22, 2019

You Want More If you’re dreaming of a life where you can go on vacation and still make money, you’re not alone. That was my primary driver 12 years ago when I woke up one Saturday morning and did not want to go to work. As I thought-forward what would happen if I didn’t, I…

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Eating Healthy: Less Expensive Than You Think?

By Holly | June 13, 2019

Originally posted at You’ve probably heard that eating healthy is more expensive than eating processed junk. (Whole Foods, Whole Paycheck, right?!) But is it really true? The answer may surprise you. No matter what, we’ve got some pointers to help both your nutrition and bank account stay on track. The Verdict According to a 2013…

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5 Numbers More Important Than Your Income

By Holly | June 7, 2019

This article was originally published at As my friend Mel says, “Numbers are sexy.” We love talking about numbers, and tend to fixate on them — particularly when it comes to how much we earn. “I’m a six-figure freelance designer,” or, “If I take this job, I’ll earn $10,000 more.” We oftentimes measure our…

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Boost Employee Productivity by Offering Financial Education: The Connection Between Mental Health & Financial Literacy

By Holly | June 1, 2019

Employee burnout is a growing problem. According to a recent article in , more than half of all employers are keenly aware that factors like stress, absenteeism, and “presenteeism” (in which employees are physically but not mentally present in the workplace) decimate productivity and hinder the business from reaching its goals. Unfortunately, while employers know…

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How Financial Literacy Helps Your Business

By Holly | May 27, 2019

How Financial Literacy Helps Your Business Both business leaders and workers benefit from strong financial literacy skills. Here’s how: Competition. In a recent study, nearly three in four adults said they could benefit from advice and answers to everyday financial questions from a professional. And only about half of adults give themselves a grade of…

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Why Financial Literacy Should Be On Every Employer’s Mind: Top Benefits of Workplace Financial Wellness Programs

By Holly | May 22, 2019

Study after study proves how little Americans understand about their money. Even if they know financial facts, such as how interest rates work, many people don’t actually understand what they should be doing with their money and how their current financial behavior affects their future. People are increasingly deepening their debt, making it impossible to…

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