Do you want to work…
How you want? Where you want? With whomever you want?

Do you want…

An income you can count on?

To earn more money?

To insulate yourself from market risks?

More tax write offs?

To get paid what you are worth?

An unlimited income ceiling?

Passive income?

To do something you love?

To make a positive impact?

Total time freedom?

To use your natural gifts?

More purpose in your work?

To save more in tax-advantaged retirement accounts?

To be your own boss?

When I was in my twenties working 70 hours a week and living paycheck to paycheck, I dreamed of a career that would give me more freedom and choices in my life, plus all the things above! Commuting was not fun and I wanted a job I looked forward to going to that made a positive impact in the world.  

If you keep doing what you are doing, where will you be in five years?

This question changed everything for me. When I heard it I realized that If I didn’t change, nothing would change. I decided to swap just 5 hours of TV a week for income-producing activities.

I worked alongside my full time job doing work I chose until I was able to replace my 9-5 income with my side income. At one point I was working 10 hours a week and making the same amount of money I made the year before working 40 hours a week.

Whether you are a career-driven leader and you love what you do, or you dream of working for yourself like I did, having a stream of income besides your full time job gives you more choices and accelerates your path to wealth.

Introducing the Business Program

Business Program

Digital Course

You want a business that is…

Our business coaching program will help you start or grow a business based on your personal interests, unique skills, and current resources. We’ll start with who you are and what you want to do, and build a business from there.

We believe that multiple streams of income are a good thing. When you increase your income, you increase your Impact Factor.

The bigger your Impact Factor, the faster you can build wealth.

Start here to grow or launch a business you can do from home or anywhere in the world.

Modules include…

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