Just in Time Financial Planning

Are you facing a financial decision? Have you ever been faced with a financial decision and didn’t know what to do? It can be hard to know what kind of financial advice you’re going to need until you need it. What should you do if you get a bonus, a big tax bill, sudden layoff, you are…

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Change Your Story and Change Your Life

Not too long ago, I made self-care my number one priority. I believed if I was stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically I could do everything better. I allowed myself to dream. I encouraged myself to dream bigger.   I gave myself the grace and the space to learn what makes me tick, what makes me…

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5 Traits of a Solopreneur at The Top

The term solopreneur isn’t new, but its meaning is more relevant today than ever before. More people are beginning to leverage technology with their unique skills, personal interests, and current resources to create a second or third stream of income. The supply of plug and play systems that make it simple to make money with…

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