Financial Independence

Just in Time Financial Planning

Are you facing a financial decision? Have you ever been faced with a financial decision and didn’t know what to do? It can be hard to know what kind of financial advice you’re going to need until you need it. What should you do if you get a bonus, a big tax bill, sudden layoff, you are…

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The Best FinTech and Tools to Create, Grow, and Keep More Money

When it comes to your money there are many things to think about. So many in fact, that most people don’t think about their money, ever. More importantly, in a recent study presented by Envestnet in partnership with Everfi, 80% of millennials don’t have a plan when it comes to their money.   That’s not…

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3 Ways to Reach Financial Independence

What I love about financial independence most is there are many ways to get there. You may love your job and want to advance in your career but you also want to retire at 50 to Nova Scotia. Or, you may dream of the day you can quit your job and do something new. You…

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