Are You Living Your Dream?

qittle wall signing

Here I am signing the wall at Qittle’s studio in Greeley, CO just before we went live to film “Share your Story.” See the video here!

We talked about student loans, sources for money education, and why I am passionate about teaching personal finance. Most importantly though, we got down to the real purpose Fundamental Finance Academy serves, and that is to teach money education so people can live their dreams. 

What does that mean? It’s different for everyone, but what I have found is in the absence of financial turmoil or stress, we can focus on what we truly want. For some it’s to simply pay their bills, for others it’s to create (music, art, buildings, hardware, woodwork, motorized toys/cars, etc.), and for many others it might be to build wealth or a start a business. Whatever it is, my dream is that you can do that.

I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can with personal finance so they can put their best foot forward and live their dreams. The tools and knowledge you get at Fundamental Finance Academy are designed to do that. I believe everyone, regardless or where they are financially, can get on the path to financial empowerment and security with some basic education.

Hi! I’m Holly, the founder of Financial Impact and an award-winning financial coach. I help career-driven leaders and entrepreneurs create wealth, take the stress out of managing money, and feel confident and powerful when it comes to their finances.

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