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Financial Impact is a specialized financial coaching practice founded in 2016. We believe that building wealth is simple. All you need is a system and some basic understanding.

Our propriety system is designed to get you to financial independence as fast as possible, with your personal values at the core. Whether you are a career-driven professional or a creative entrepreneur, our programs meet you where you are right now.

Building wealth requires a unique combination of mindset, strategy, and behavior. In addition to the system, our programs also give you tools stay on track. 

We believe that when your spending, money-management, and decisions are made with knowledge and intention, wealth is a natural outcome.

why financial impact

Personal finances are just that – personal. We all have different needs and values when it comes to building wealth. There are those who have debt and simply need a plan, while others want to learn how to manage their money in a way that is empowering and automatic.

Many want to create a relationship with money where they feel confident and in control, and others want to invest, buy property, and create additional income streams. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, know there are many paths to wealth, and the one you take is up to you.

Financial independence means that you can pay for your expenses with income you receive from sources other than a job. You can save your way there, earn your way there, or fine-tune your lifestyle to get there.

Your Impact Factor™

This simple number is the key that unlocks the door to wealth. Everyone has one. We will discover yours, and put it to its highest and best use, automatically, every month.

You also have a personal Impact Factor™. The personal practices in our programs are designed to work synergistically with your numerical Impact Factor™, so that your behavior and mindset are aligned with your wealth-building strategy.

When the three align – behavior, mindset, and strategy – your path to wealth is unstoppable.

meet our partners

We understand that an important component of wealth-building is mindset. That’s why we work with experienced, accredited therapists and business and life coaches who can take you deeper into your psyche to help you break through any barriers keeping you from achieving abundance.

We are proud to introduce you to our amazing partners below.

Kine Corder

National Certified Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist
Kine Corder is a National Certified Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in financial therapy. As an advisor with Morgan Stanley for many years, she observed that creating a positive relationship with money so it works for you and not against you, is the most powerful catalyst to accumulating wealth. Her work today encompasses helping others unlock their subconscious beliefs around money so they can feel at ease and confident with the role it plays in their life. 

Felipe Tournon

Ontological Certified Coach, Life Coach, and Executive Trainer

Felipe Tournon is an Ontological Certified Coach, Life Coach, and Executive Trainer. Through the use of psychometric tools, Felipe offers a unique approach to discover client’s emotional intelligence, behavioral, and learning ability. He has coached, trained and been an advisor to CEO’s, managers, and directors internationally from companies such us Sandoz Laboratories, Mane, Fecovita, Rizobacter, Voestalpine, Stanley Black & Decker. Felipe is the Country Manager of Thomas International for Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay. 

Jeff Visnic

alignment coach

Jeff Visnic specializes in helping people who have achieved success in one or more aspects of their life reclaim other aspects of their life that they may have neglected along the way. Jeff has 20+ years of progressive experience as a consulting engineer leading construction and professional services firms and has witnessed and experienced first-hand the impact your job can have on the other areas of your life if you don’t vigilantly protect them.  In his Align Program, Jeff helps people need to identify what they want their life to look like and why, discover how they are getting in their own way, and develop a plan and support system to realize this version of their life by just being themselves.   

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