Crush Your Debt

Imagine keeping the money you make each month instead of making payments to all your loans. A debt-free life is 100% possible, regardless of where you begin. I would know! I started with $67,000 in credit card debt alone, and today I am debt-free as a result of using this system. This can be you too.



Identify where to get the money

This little bit of money, called your Impact Factor ®, will be put to its highest and best use each month and get you to debt-free as fast as possible!



Evaluate money habits

In this step we'll explore how you think about money, your spending, and how to reverse your money behaviors to work in your favor to create wealth.



Implement the strategy

In this step you will make your first strategic debt-elimination payment to pay the least amount of interest while eliminating your debt in the shortest amount of time.

Three Free Bonuses!

Crush Debt System Guide

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Increase Cash Flow Guide

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Cash Flow Statement

HMFI_10 Cash Flow


  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Difficulty making minimum payments
  • Carrying high-interest credit card debt
  • Unsure what debt to pay or how much to pay


  • Keep the money flowing into your accounts
  • Plan the next vacation with money you already have
  • Savings are growing every month
  • Preparing to buy a home

See how Crush Your Debt is changing lives!